What are the Characteristics of a sustainable community?


Environmental preservation is important lifestyle there is a growing population. There are those who are committed to green living to such an extent that they themselves live in sustainable communities. These populaces come together with a common goal of life in a way that focuses on the environmental, economic and social health and resilience.

The Mindset

The economic growth and development is essential to the continued human well-being. However, if this is the development of natural resources damaging contaminants of water, air and soil; Destruction of forests; Flood garbage landfills; and toxic waste, the net result after all the negative instead of positive. The premise of sustainable communities to find ways to improve the quality of life and economic development, in addition to protecting the environment. Surrounding comprehensive sustainability pursuing alternative opportunities for economic development, which is not harmful side effects such as pollution, urban sprawl, congestion, and the total amount.


strategies for sustainable economic development

The use of local resources carefully – every community has resources available for local use. When a neighboring explore local resources and is committed to meet the needs of the residents of these goods, everyone benefits. This inner resourcefulness create jobs, improve the economy and reduce the negative effects. A community that works together to meet these basic needs internally usually thrives.

Creating an effective infrastructure – Urban sprawl and inefficient urban planning has a negative impact on the environment. The city is not careful design requires residents to rely heavily on shipments of personal vehicles. The environmentally conscious design alternatives more carefully around the design so that people can access your work and your shopping easier. an integral part of the available forms of public transport sustainable communities.

pursuit of Energy Efficiency – When everyone in the area, working together to conserve power, great results usually happen. Businesses and households that focus on reducing waste, pollution prevention and recycling can work together for good for everyone. These types of neighborhoods are generally experienced a decrease in various types of damage, such as air pollution and abuse of the earth.

prioritize Quality of life – Many people are increasingly aware of the importance of the quality of life in everyday life. When a community priority to this kind of lifestyle design, the residents are happier in general. Creating an attractive area with clean water and air, open green spaces and natural areas positive strategy will benefit both people and the environment.

jobs – often the pursuit of environmental awareness will create new jobs. Job creation in the field of environmental technology, waste reduction, pollution prevention and recycling it often helps to create a prosperous economy in a community.

In reality, sustainability is a process. The area will not achieve this state overnight, but it is possible to work toward that by making significant improvements. The success of the sustainable communities must be accepted by a long-term perspective, the focus of today and tomorrow. This kind of perspective helps to ensure that current and future needs of residents.

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