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Let & # 39; It defines the word Festivillian. It has been used as a term describing the festival musicians, artists, promoters, organizers, and fans had been for years. It refers to people that you really have a passion or will participate in art, music, and especially the Renaissance Festival. Often in the history of words used in social and urban cool for a while before it becomes widespread, and defined in the dictionary term. This situation Festivillian.

The first mention of a music festival originated from the Pythian Games in ancient Greece around 582 BC. At the time, the history of the administration of the Delphic Games was handed over to Amphiktyonia, the council of the twelve Greek tribes, in order to put an end to the holy war in the past. The games are often included musical performances. This may be the earliest historical mention of the Festival.

Initially the words Feast and Festival interchangeable and utilize in honor of the gods. Through the ages, each term considered & # 39; and its meaning in society, however, represents both a celebration.

music festivals are usually a year, although many are organized as a single event. There are those that are purely entertainment and profit, and those that are designed to do more than entertain. There was a further rise in the past few decades, the correlation between the various music festivals and environmental awareness. Many festival today with a green theme at some level. Some, such as the Shakori Hills Music Festival, a sustainable village and offer classes and workshops on sustainable living. The Green Apple Festival 2008, held on Earth Day, was the first to & # 39; a kind of co-ordinating a number of major US cities offer music festivals and fairs in unison green living across the nation and even saw international participation.

Another interesting Music Festival is to educate and support type. Some communities free or nearly free music festivals in the end, that the young musicians, the audience and the opportunity to play music and to learn from experienced and established peers. An excellent example is the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau. In spring 2008, it was the 34th annual festival!

There is something unique that we feel the festival atmosphere. It feels as if there's a little magic in the air. There is a spirit of friendship, freedom, peace and camaraderie that are present in most Festivillians which separates and creates the atmosphere of a summer camp. Even casual festival goers or patrons seem to pick up on it. Eye Contact "strangers" is easier, people smile at each other and strike conversations instantly. Something festival seems to bring down the barriers and lift the community spirit. Maybe a Festivillian best defined as a person to flourish in such an environment.

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